Counselling and Family Services

providing counselling services to individuals and families, including offering services to support the therapeutic and educational needs for those navigating separation and divorce
Family Mediation & Co-Parenting

Co-Parenting after separation can be difficult and challenging.  We offer individual and group sessions to help you develop the tools to co-parent effectively.


Mediation seeks to assist families come to agreement on a parenting plan after separation.  The process is less adversarial than court and is a cost-effective alternative to litigation

Family Reintegration 

A therapeutic approach to re-establishing contact between a parent and child when there has been a disruption in the relationship

Assessments & Voice of the Child

Providing assessment and recommendations to separated parents experiencing disputes related to custody/decision making and access/parenting time.

Voice of the Child report provides insight into the views and preferences of a child regarding parenting related issues

 Counselling for Children, Teens & Adults 

Helping families to navigate  life's challenges and improve family functioning

Counselling support for children, youth, and individuals to address challenges

Workshops & Training

Currently offering workshops for children, teens, individuals and parents, addressing a range of concerns, including anxiety, parenting an anxious child, separation and divorce and co-parenting. Click 'learn more' to see what we currently offer.

  Our Approach

We provide services to children and families, often, as they are experiencing their most challenging moments in life.  We encourage engagement in the process and maintain a view to support change and working through difficulties to promote emotional well-being.

About the Founder

Shazeeda Haroon is a social worker, in practice since 2000, experienced in working with children, adolescents and families.  She has worked in the child welfare and education systems, she is a clinical investigator for the Office of the Children's Lawyer, and works in private practice providing a variety of therapeutic services for individuals and families.

"Remember, growing might feel like breaking at first"

-author unknown

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Flexible appointment times available, including evening and weekends.

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Consultations about your individual circumstances are always available to help you decide which service might be most helpful to you

Services are offered:

In-Person and Virtually

Given the current restrictions related to COVID-19, we are making changes to the way we provide services and where appropriate, are offering virtual sessions.  We are following recommended guidelines offered by local and provincial governments to help reduce the risk to clients and ourselves.  We ask that you help keep yourself and others safe, and if you are unwell, reschedule your appointment or request a virtual session.

Please visit our POLICIES AND PROCEDURES page for more information.

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