Parenting Plans

At the time of separation, parents are most concerned with the well-being of their child.  A critical consideration is whom and how decisions will be made for them and how the children will spend time with both parents.  There are also many other aspects of the child's day to day life that parents need to think about as they separate.  We assist the co-parents to develop a parenting plan to meet the needs of their child including decision making, parenting time and other important details to support an arrangement in the best interest of your child.  This may help you avoid the cost of litigation which is often attached to separation and divorce.

Co-Parenting Coaching
We offer individual services or group workshops to teach effective and successful co-parenting tools and strategies.  This program helps parents to navigate the pitfalls which often arise and to learn to work effectively, together.  It is appropriate for low or high conflict separations.  You can attend jointly with your co-parent, if appropriate.  Co-parenting is often recommended during litigation to support the best outcomes for your child.  

Please check our workshops/training tab for dates on the next group start date and for more information.

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