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Trauma occurs when we are exposed to distressing events, it can result from one event or from ongoing exposure to a difficult situation.  It can affect our lives in many ways and can interfere with our daily functioning.  Some of the symptoms of trauma include sadness, anxiety, panic attacks, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating, agitation, numbness, flashbacks, or sleep disturbances.  

Trauma can be effectively treated and can help reduce the symptoms you are experiencing.  EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is an evidence-based therapy to address trauma, distressing life-events, anxiety and depression.  EMDR aims to process traumatic or distressing experiences so they no longer have the negative and debilitating impact on daily functioning.

It is appropriate for use with children and adults.  

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RESTORE provide psychotherapy to treat addictions, which is a maladaptive coping strategy.  We also provide services to support family members when a loved one is experiencing addictions.  

RESTORE provides sessions to parents who are struggling with their child's over-use of technology.

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