Current Workshops

Anxiety Workshops:

Anxiety Workshop for Children:

Aim to help children and teens understand and normalize their anxious feeling and provide coping strategies to help manage their anxiety.  Group services often help young people understand that they are not alone.

Ages 9-12:  Workshops offered on the First Wednesday of the Month

Ages:  13-17:  Workshops offered on the Third Wednesday of the Month

Cost is $75+hst.

Anxiety Workshop for Adults:

Aim to help adults understand their anxiety, the impact of anxiety on our overall health and well being, and developing coping skills, strategies and self-care.

Cost is $100 +hst.

Co-Parenting Workshops:

An intensive co-parenting program to help parents navigate and overcome issues as they seek to parent children after separation and divorce.  This program aims to teach parents to communicate, shield their children from adult conflict and prepare them to co-parent effectively.  This program provides a certificate of completion and is recognized by the family court

Cost is $725+hst.

May be covered by employee health benefits, please check with your provider

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