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Infant and Child Sleep Consultation

As a parent, one of the biggest worries is will my baby sleep?  A common refrain new parents hear is, "get ready for sleepless nights".   Sleep training can help you not be one of those parents!   There are many reasons we should all develop good sleep habits, one of the most important is that good sleep habits are connected to improved health and well-being.  Using an evidenced-based approach, sleep consultation services aim to assist your child to develop healthy and independent sleep habits.  Whether you are a parent to a newborn or struggling to get a  child to sleep, sleep training can help.  Your consultant will develop an individualized plan and provide you with support as you implement the plan.  

Through our consultation, your sleep consultant will develop a personalized sleep plan for your child.  Your consultant is with you throughout the sleep training journey.

Our sleep consultation services, unlike many competitors, may be covered under your employee benefits plan.


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy-Insomnia for Adults

Healthy sleep is a struggle for many Canadians.  CBT-I is an evidenced based treatment for insomnia.  It is recommended that before medication, CBT-I be utilized first when treating insomnia.  It is a structured approach to deal with the symptoms of insomnia.  Complete treatment can occur within 6-8 sessions.

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