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Individual and Family Therapy

Seeing a therapist can help support you through life's challenges. 

Personal challenges, life circumstances, or mental health issues are difficult to deal with and can sometimes be overwhelming and painful experiences.  You can feel like you are alone in your situation, even if you have support, sometimes, you may need that one person who you can reach out to for non-judgmental, compassionate support, guidance and strategies to cope.   We are a safe space for you to share your worries, thoughts, and feelings. Therapy can help! 

A therapist can help you understand your symptoms, explore the impact on your life and provide you with strategies to help you find relief.  Our therapists can help you with:

  • anxiousness or worry

  • gender identity

  • difficulty managing stress or coping

  • difficulty adjusting to a life change or circumstance

  • behaviour or adjustment concerns at school

  • parent-child conflict

  • anger management

  • parenting issues

  • separation and divorce

  • grief and bereavement



Family can be one of the most challenging relationships we deal with in life.  The demands of life can also impact our family relationships.  Many people struggle with navigating these relationships and most people want to have harmonious relationships. 

Family therapy is a form of therapy that is specifically designed to help families better understand and work through their challenges together. It offers numerous benefits that can improve family functioning and promote lasting positive changes.


A family therapist can help everyone communicate in a non-judgemental environment where every member feels heard and understood. Improved communication can lead to effective problem-solving and, thus, stronger family bonds.

Family therapy can:


·       Encourage better communication

·       Helps to foster healthy relationships and understanding of each family member

·       Increases self-awareness and promote positive change 

·       Addresses mental health concerns

·       Offers a safe and non-judgmental environment


Although seeking help from a therapist may seem daunting, it can positively impact our lives. Family therapy is an excellent option to promote better communication within the family, foster healthier relationships, and create positive changes.  In therapy, family members can learn valuable skills to help them overcome challenges and strengthen their relationships as well as promote a deeper understanding of our relationships.  

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