Custody assessments aim to provide parents with recommendations related to whom will make decisions for their child and/or children, commonly known as custody or decision making, and how each parent will spend time with their child and/or children, referred to as parenting time or access.

RESTORE Counselling and Family Services provides an in-depth assessment to parents who are experiencing challenges coming to agreement about what may be best for their child/children. 

Assessments can be completed for families whom are already involved with family court or those who are seeking an alternative to family court litigation, but are in need of professional support and expertise. 


A Voice of the Child Report (VOC) is a report on the child's views and preferences related to parenting issues which often arise during separation.  The report can be focussed on one particular issue or be a fulsome report on all facets of the child's life.  Information is gathered by conducting interviews with the child.  VOC's can assist parents identify their child's views and preferences in a neutral environment.  A VOC is generally appropriate for children over the age of 7.